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Durango Natural Foods Co-op

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Ownership Headquarters

How to Join

It’s easy!  Simply ask a friendly staff person next time you’re in the store.  You can fill out an application while at DNF, or you can download it and bring it with you. Becoming an Owner costs $100, payable all at once or in $20 payments quarterly or over the course of five years.  Your payments are fully refundable at any time.  You are entitled to 10% off your entire first purchase as a new Owner, and your cashier will give you additional coupons and a New Owner Packet, if you want a physical copy.  Otherwise, you may find all the New Owner Materials below.

DNF Owner Application

New Owner Materials

There are so many reasons to become an Owner of your community co-op, and there are also a lot of benefits!  Below you’ll find the Durango Natural Foods Co-op Bylaws, a New Owner Handbook, information on how to eat locally and a small sample of the many ways DNF strives to support our community socially and environmentally.

DNF Bylaws

New Owner Handbook

Eating Local Guide

DNF in Action


What is a co-op?

Co-op FAQs and Facts

Co-op Values & Principles

Using Your Ownership

There are many benefits to being an Owner of DNF, including Owner-only monthly sales, Special Order discounts, Owner Appreciation Days and coupons.  However, the benefits extend beyond the register.  As an Owner of your co-op you have a vote and voice.  You can help guide the direction your co-op is moving in and influence the decisions we make, from product selection to community involvement.  Co-ops are powerful tools for social and environmental change, and being an Owner means that you are a part of a business that supports healthy people, wholesome products, a thriving environment and a strong local economy.

Maximizing Your Food Dollars at DNF

Member-Owner Rights

As a member of Durango Natural Foods Co-op, you enjoy a number of unique and important rights.

  • Elect the Board of Directors – annual elections, held in April
  • Review reports on financial performance at the annual meeting
  • Require the co-op to follow its bylaws
  • Run for a position on the Board of Directors – we need your voice
  • Vote on questions put before the membership by the Board
  • Vote for changes in bylaws as needed to keep the co-op current with the law
  • Attend Board meetings – held every 3rd Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. (see Board’s board in store for more info)
  • Serve on committees established by the Board

Member-Owner Responsibilities

Equally important to the rights are the responsibilities of a member-owner, which include:

  • Shop the co-op – making the co-op your primary grocery store helps build a strong  business
  • Stay informed – read the co-op e-mail blasts (sign up on the homepage), connect via Facebook, and check our in-store memo boards
  • Vote! – is it important for all member-owners to vote in elections and to attend the annual meeting. Make your voice heard, your input matters.
  • Participate – contribute to the strength of the co-op by volunteering on the Board of Directors, in committees and co-op events, it’s a great way to connect with your neighbors and community.
  • Understand and support business needs – business operations must produce positive economic results in order to build a strong financial base for business.
  • Talk about us – wordof mouth is our most effective and genuine form of advertising. Please bring your friends and family in to experience the co-op.

Management Structure of a Cooperative:


Board of Directors

General Manager

Department Managers and other Staff

Refunds and Change of Address

Changing the email, physical address or phone number attached to your Ownership account is easy.  Just give us a call at (970) 247-8129, email us at info@durangonaturalfoods.coop, or stop by and speak with a staff person.

If you decide to close your account for any reason, please contact us in any of the above listed ways.  We will need a current physical address.  A check for the current amount of equity payments you’ve paid to DNF will be physically sent to you within one week of cancellation.