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The Benefits of Being a Co-op Owner

There are so many reasons to join DNF!  We’ve been owned by your friends and family for over 40 years and you can’t get more “local” than a cooperatively owned and run business… we are literally owned by the community and we exist solely to serve our community.  When you become an Owner of the co-op you are buying a share in DNF stock.  This entitles you to a lot of benefits, the most important one being the very existence of this co-op, but also:

  • Owner Only Sales: Every month, DNF offers Owner sales on selected items.
  • Special Order Discount: Member-Owners receive discounts when placing special orders for large quantities (cases) and bulk items. Most discounts are 10% off, 5% off sale items.
  • A Voice: We welcome your good ideas and suggestions for building a stronger co-op. A suggestion box is located at the front end. Suggestions are read by the department managers and the General Manager. Answers can be found on the bulletin board across from the restrooms.
  • Co-op Ownership: Owners are owners of the store. You help to capitalize the business through your purchase of DNF stock.
  • Membership on the Board of Directors: As an Owner, you are eligible to run for a position on the DNF Board of Directors.
  • A Vote: As an Owner you have the right to vote on co-op affairs and Board Member candidates at our annual meeting. There is one vote per household Ownership.
  • Owner Appreciation: Four times a year we celebrate YOU with Owner Appreciation Days! On this day members receive an additional 10% off at the register. We give away samples, taste products, host drawings and have a great time.
  • Community: The co-op often hosts potlucks, picnics, our annual Harvest Festival and many other opportunities for you to meet your fellow co-op Owners and spend time getting to know people in the community. We hope you will join us for these events. Events are listed in the Calendar section of this site, in local newspapers and radio and flyers are posted in the store. Everyone is welcome!
  • Free or discounted admission to classes, workshops and events.
  • 10% off your entire first purchase as an Owner when you sign up.
  • Patronage Dividend Annual Rebate: Because DNF has a Member-Owner Equity-Patronage Dividend membership system, Owners purchase a share of DNF stock rather than paying a “membership fee”. This makes Owners eligible to receive a portion of DNF’s profits in profitable years. The more you shop, the more you earn!

Download the DNF Owner Application