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Durango Natural Foods Co-op

It’s Your Co-op

Anyone is welcome to shop at the Co-op, but most of our shoppers are Owners. Here’s why:

Co-ops Are Awesome

What’s to love about food co-ops? So much! Co-ops have a sustainable way of doing things differently. They’re people working together for better food, stronger communities and a healthier world.

A co-op is a business owned and governed by its customers that operates for their benefit. When people need something they can’t get easily or at a reasonable cost, they can start a co-op to get it. Cooperation is a powerful tool to help communities meet local needs.

Co-ops are owned and governed by Owner-shoppers and rooted in principles like community, voluntary and open membership, economic participation and cooperation. Because of these principles and practices, food co-ops inherently serve and benefit the communities where they are located.

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What Does it Mean to be an Owner?

When you become an owner of the co-op, you are literally buying a share of DNF. This is a payment of $100 that you may pay all at once, or in installments of $20 quarterly or yearly.  If at any point you no longer wish to be an Owner your payments are fully refundable.

Being an Owner entitles you to a lot of benefits, including Owner-only sales, discounted special order pricing and Patronage Dividends in profitable years.  But more importantly, you get a voice.  You have a vote in the direction the co-op takes in the future and you are helping to support local economy with your food dollars.

With your equity share and patronage of the co-op, we are able to provide great products and services, as well as social and economic benefits to the community by:

  • Buying from over 40 local farmers and producers
  • Giving to an array of local non-profits and charities
  • Donating a portion of our proceeds to environmentally sustainable practices
  • Educating and reaching out to our community
  • Running an environmentally and socially conscious business

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