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Durango Natural Foods Co-op

How to Shop the Co-op

Your co-op is the best place to invest your food dollars. It’s where you’ll find the most healthful food, food in bulk, and local, ethically produced fare. To make the most of your shopping expedition:

  • Becoming an Owner is great place to start! This will enable you to take the best advantage of prices and information.
  • Special Order case amounts of your favorite products, receiving a 10% Owner Special Order discount, 5% on sale items.
  • Consider stocking up on -and canning or freezing- seasonal produce when it’s harvested (and at the best price). You can Special Order large quantities of these as well, saving with your Owner Special Order discount.
  • Shop big during our quarterly Owner Appreciation Days, when we offer a 10% (total) discount on all your purchases!
  • Meal plan using our monthly co-op sales flyer. Look for it on our website and in the store. As members of the National Cooperative Grocers Co-op Deals Program, DNF has the opportunity to provide excellent deals on staple items every month.
  • Use your coupons! In your New Owner Packet you’ll find Welcome Coupons. And every two months, we offer Co-op Deals coupon books to everyone. These are available in the store. These offer great savings, with some coupons worth up to $1.75 off popular items.
  • Buy in bulk. With bulk herbs, cereals, snacks, baking supplies, cleaning supplies and more, you can purchase just the amount you need, with no waste, at the best price. You can also Special Order larger amounts of bulk products.
  • Emphasize whole, natural foods rather than convenience foods. Packaging is expensive (for you and the environment).
  • Owner-only monthly specials are available on products throughout the store. Look for the sale signs that say Member-Owner Deals.
  • Take advantage of our Bulk Sales Program. It extends savings beyond the Special Order discount for individuals and buying clubs who wish to buy large quantities. Owners receive the highest discounts: up to 25%.
  • Grow your own. DNF carries a wide variety of non-GMO seeds from a family owned, Colorado seed company during growing season.
  • Buy local. Buying locally grown and produced goods cuts down on transportation costs, supports our local economy and local food-shed, maximizes taste and nutrition with fresh, seasonal produce, meat and more.
  • And of course, in profitable years, the more you shop the more you’ll get back in your Owner Patronage Dividend!