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Durango Natural Foods Co-op

Community Donations Program

As a co-op, Durango Natural Foods Co-op is guided by the seven international cooperative principles. Number 7 is all about concern for our community and finding ways to give back. One of the many ways DNF strives to serve Durango and our region is through our Community Donations Program. Each month we donate money, food and time to numerous local non-profits and organizations including local elementary schools, soup kitchens, farm education programs and community health and food related events.

Community Donation Application

Round-Up Donations Program

In addition to our Community Donations Program, we also organize “round-up” donations quarterly, in which customers are encouraged to round their total up to the nearest dollar in order to donate to highlighted events and organizations.  If you’re interested in having your organization or event receive a round-up donation, please contact us at outreach@durangonaturalfoods.coop