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For more than 40 years, DNF has been providing our community with quality natural and organic products, education and service. Durango Natural Foods is a business founded on the Cooperative Principles. It is governed by its Owners, for its Owners, and the community at large.

In addition to a committed Ownership, a large part of DNF’s success can be attributed to the loyalty and commitment of the store’s General Manager, staff and Board of Directors. Every day, their belief in DNF’s mission, customers and each other makes DNF a warm inviting place to shop. Their knowledge and dedication allows customers to leave more informed and better able to take control of their own health as well as the health and success of our local community and planet.

The Durango Natural Foods Board of Directors is elected by the owners from amongst themselves. Each board member brings a variety of professional and personal interests and experiences to the group, forging a Board of Directors committed to fulfilling DNF’s mission, maintaining its quality and financial stability, and providing strategic planning for its future.

Dan Randolph – President

Dan was born in northwest Colorado, and has degrees in botany and soils.  He worked for San Juan Citizens Alliance off and on for 20 years, on public land issues, oil and gas, and coal mining and burning, as well as serving as Executive Director.  He also worked for two other environmental groups on hard rock (metals) mining issues.  In an earlier incarnation he studied and practiced sustainable mountain agriculture for 10 years.  Currently he is a student at San Juan College in the nursing program.





Kate Husted – Vice President

Kate Husted runs a small goat dairy in Bayfield, CO.  She is also a practicing Clinical Herbalist.  She has lived and worked on a handful of organic farms, and completed a B.A. in Environmental Studies/Biology from UC Santa Cruz.  She is grateful and excited about her opportunity to serve on the DNF Board of Directors.









Rachel Bennet- Secretary

Rachel moved to Durango four years ago after completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Sustainable Development/Agroecology back east.  Her focus in our southwestern region has been cooperative development aligned with earth restoration initiatives.  Rachel currently coordinates the Southwest Seed Library based in Durango, serves as a CSA Coordinator with the SWFF Cooperative, and as an administrator in The Mother Earth Restoration Trust.  It is her intention to continue supporting an awareness of collective stewardship in bio-cultural regeneration of our natural systems through education and engagement with communities of our region.





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Jaime Avila- Treasurer

Jamie moved to Durango 10 years ago after graduating from University of Florida with her degree in Anthropology. She is co-chair of the Giving Garden at First United Methodist Church, which propelled her into the local food movement. The Giving Garden strives to teach how to garden organically in the Southwest, home food preservation methods and pushes to expand the palette of local families with unusual heirloom varieties and recipes.

Jamie is a recent graduate of Fort Lewis College where she earned the Colorado Society of Certified Public Accountants Golden Key Award for her efforts in the School of Business Accounting program. She is currently employed as an auditor at a local accounting firm, working towards her Certified Public Accountant certification and enjoys teaching her 4 ½ year old daughter how to ski.


Kelly Rogers

I have been a Durango resident and member and supporter of DNF since 1996, and have seen Durango and the area go through tremendous change. I have, over these years, been actively involved in supporting many of our local non-profit organizations and have seen our community evolve in many ways – some very beneficial and some detrimental to the building of a locally sustainable community. I believe in the principals of locally owned and  operated services and support and would like to have the opportunity to become more  directly involved in assisting with the growth and guidance of Durango Natural Foods.






Darcy Matthews

I have been a member of DNF since we moved here and have always supported a Co-op health food supplier. I have been a pescatarian for 40 yrs and enjoy learning and cooking with organic ingredients. I believe in what DNF is providing our community and would like to be involved in their vision.

I believe the Board should be focused on supporting local suppliers of goods, friendly and helpful service, and practices which will sustain the co-op for many years to come.




TJ McNichols

Overseeing the processing floor at Sunnyside Meats provided unique insights into the importance of community agriculture, environmentally sustainable practices, and natural food. My time at Vantiv has furnished valuable experience in smart business growth and revenue expectations of a Fortune 1000 company while maintaining an emphasis on a connection to the local Durango community and economy.