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What’s Happening at the Co-op

Store hours 8am – 6pm Sunday, September 7th (9/1/2014) - DNF will be closing a little early this coming Sunday, September 7th at 6:00pm. The deli will be closing at 5:00pm. We’ll be attending a staff party and will resume normal hours and operation the following morning at 8:00am! Thank you all for understanding.
Choose a Co-op (8/22/2014) - Here are two wonderful videos about co-ops and their history.
Discussing the recently proposed merger… (8/19/2014) - A Google Groups discussion has started to help clear up some information regarding the Board of Directors and their recent proposal to merge the DNF Co-op with a New Mexico-based co-op, La Montañita. Questions and comments should be done in the group and we can help eliminate as much of the confusion as we can. […]